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Ancestral connection to the Stone Country

The idea of Stone Country Creations comes from the unique gift left by a magnificent grandfather to his beloved granddaughter: the gift of cultural knowledge and artistic talent.

Lorraine Kabbindi White is a Gunmok woman and artist from Kabulwarnamyo community on the Mok Clan estate known as Ankung Djang. Ankung Djang ‘Bush-honey Dreaming’ reflects the clan’s spiritual and totemic connection to the small native stingless bees. Kabulwarnamyo is at the heart of Central Arnhem Land. The people from that region refer to themselves as Nawarddeken – Stone Country people, The people of the vast Central Arnhem Land sandstone plateau. Kabbindi draws on the artistic heritage of her people and in particular her grandfather, the late Lofty Bardayal Nadjamerrek AO.